Hera Damigou

Who is Hera? Tell us a few thinks about her.

That’s a question, always in my head, when I need to redefine myself. Hera is an actress, but she has done other jobs in her life too, from fashion to bouzoukia (nightclub with Greek with popular music)! Sometimes she sings, some days she is extroverted and others she enjoys the solitude and company of herself. When she cooks she always listens to music and dances. Hera is restless, she reads when she has the time, she tries to keep evolving, accepting and moving on.

What does it mean to be an artist, and what impact does it have on your daily life?

"An artist must be concentrated on the goals he sets and not be disappointed by the difficulties he will inevitably encounter. Moreover an artist must certainly evolve and remind himself that whatever he does is his own choice. And because it all starts from within ourselves, all we have to do is be honest and sincere to our "wants", because in the end our psyche is what motivates us. As for the impact, of being an artist in my daily life, I am constantly filling my life with experiences and lessons without being able to say the same about my wallet.

You take part in the play ‘’ Οdyssevach’’, how would you describe theater as an experience?

The ‘’Odyssevach’’ tour is yet another lesson. A journey of more than a hundred performances throughout Greece. That alone, is a unique experience. Theater is a living organism. It’s interaction and mental alertness. It’s ‘’vibes’’ that are magically synced . Personally, I experience it meditatively, since I consider ourselves to be multifarious personalities, it is quite convenient for me to "touch" different aspects of my stage persona, through the commonalities between me and the character I am playing. For me the role is the observer of myself.

There is also a new short film called "Idea", starring you. Tell us about this project.

The “idea” of the project was Anastasia Loukrezi’s, a beloved and talented friend.

It is a film that participates in the 6th international competition "My Rode Reel", in which we observe the journey of a creative person's idea ,from the moment of conception to the attempt of implementation and the obstacles he may come across. On the official website of the competition, you can watch the film, the backstage videos and vote for us as well. It is the effort by a group of people and artists with joy, which is a lovely coincidence, because this group is composed of restless and creative friends.


What are your future professional goals?

So, “to do list” : Try things and test myself. More theater. Direction. Why not TV. My own fashion collection. Dig up all the songs I have written and give them to someone. That's all for now. Next time we meet, all these goals may be achieved and replaced.

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