Antigoni Vintiadi

Tell us about Antigone's career and her evotution into a businesswoman.

I started my career in a completely different way, as a journalist and I followed this path for 10 whole years. I had never thought that I would have my own company at some point and all those obligations and stresses that come with it. But I feel complete to do what I love, I work with so many people, and every day I learn something new!

You have been active in fashion for years. How would you describe your "collaboration" with this business sector?

My collaboration with fashion, has more to do with its creators and that's what excites me! Designers are the ones who set the trends, colors, fabrics and styles of each season.

Give us your own definition of what fashion is.

Fashion is all about creating and loving diversity.

You are the creator of '' Andydote Fashion Fair ''. How did this fair get started, how has it evolved so far and what are the goals you have set for it?

The Andydote Fashion Fair began as a necessity, a necessity to create a meeting place of Greek fashion. We started very timidly and I am very pleased that with each passing season, designers and professionals have come to trust and understand our dream. Our aim is to become an institution as an organization and to promote Greek fashion abroad.

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